Clover Hill Lodge No. 253, A.F. & A.M.

                                                                Chester, Virginia

In the years of 1965-1966, the Masons who lived in the Winterpock area knew there had been a Lodge called “Winterpock Lodge No. 94.” It was chartered in 1878.  It changed its name to Chester Lodge No. 94 in 1889, and moved to Chester, Virginia. This was in the days when coal was mined in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

The brethren living in that area belonged to Midlothian Lodge No. 211. On July 8, 1968, a meeting was called at the Winterpock Recreation Center. Twenty-one brethren were present. The first order of business was to find a place to meet.

At a second meeting on July 7, 1968, it was found that the Hoyles Cabinet Shop, located on Old Hundred Road, 360 west could be used.

A communication from the Grand Secretary was read for a petition for dispensation to form a Lodge. The name for the new Lodge was Clover Hill Lodge.

At the Stated Communication held July 27, 1968, officers were elected and installed. Clover Hill Lodge received its charter March 19, 1969.

The Lodge moved from Hoyles Cabinet Shop to Gill Country Store at Otterdale Road, and 360 West.

Many brethren sacrificed time and money to complete the beautiful temple, which is enjoyed today.